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z2 Remote2PC 1.3

  z2 Remote2PC 1.4    $36.95  (Free with basic features)

Free PC to PC, PC to Windows Mobile remote control included. Pay only if you need extra features

Remote control beyond boundary! PC to PC; Windows Mobile to PC; PC to Windows Mobile or even Windows Mobile to another Windows Mobile Device! New audio supports stereo sound, walkie-talkie and duplex talk mode!

It's secure, up to 256 bits AES encryption with device access control and no third party centralized server;
It's fast, working well even with low bandwidth like GPRS connection;
It's reliable, never replacing your video driver nor hooking the system message queue;
It's versatile, including sound, multi-tasking file transfer, clipboard synchronization and more;
It's affordable, no monthly fees and free PC client and unlimited free R2PC server license. You buy one R2PC Client license and enjoy controlling as many computers as you want. 


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z2 PocketLAN 4.0 for Window Mobile

  z2 PocketLAN 4.0      $14.99

Scan more and scan faster! The all-in-one network Swiss knife for Windows Mobile!

Our most popular network utility for Windows Mobile. Browse, map multiple network share folders, printers, open mp3, movie files with network connection with WiFi or Bluetooth. Other features includes: IP Config, Ping, IP Renew, Port Scan, Trace Route, Route Edit Wake on LAN and more...

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