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Manual & FAQ of z2 PocketLAN

        Download z2 PocketLAN User Manual

        Does z2 PocketLAN work with Bluetooth?

Yes, z2 PocketLAN works with Bluetooth PAN or LAN profile.

        Dose PocketLAN network share folder mapping works with ActiveSync?

No, z2 PocketLAN network share folder mapping depends on network (LAN) connection.

        Can I share my PDA folders and access from my desktop?

No, Windows Mobile Pocket PC OS does not support file server sharing.

        I get "Network path can not found" error when I try to browse the network resource with PocketLAN. How to fix it?

You would need to change the network card connect to "Work" instead of "Internet".

  1. On z2 PocketLAN, click "IP Config"->Settings->Network Adapters and change "My network card connects to" to "Work".

  2. Disconnect and reconnect your network.

        Can I connect to Mac OS or Linux/Unix with PocketLAN, how?

Yes, you need to install Samba(freeware) for windows file sharing and change its settings.
The file [smb.conf] which is located in the directory /etc

1.     cd /etc

2.     Open smb.conf (superuser password may request)

3.     Find the first section of the smb.conf file, settings labeled [global]

4.     Make or edit the encrypt password settings to allow unencrypted passwords, i.e. "encrypt passwords = no"

5.     Since this allows passwords to be sent in the clear text, make sure the appropriate setting in PocketLAN matches. On PocketLAN dialog, click the "*" button near the "Connect" button and check the box "Accept Clear Text Password". Then click "Yes" to reset the device.

6.     Add or edit a line, also in [global] settings, to say "security = share"

7.     Reboot your computer



Quick Start Guide: (For more details, please check PocketLAN help file "z2PLHelp.pdf")

  1. Connecting your Pocket PC device with ActiveSync and launch the setup program to install z2 PocketLAN.
  2. After installed, click Start->Programs->PocketLAN and run PocketLAN, click "Yes" when asking for reset to enable "Network Folder". After reset, please plug in your network card and run PocketLAN again.
  3. In PocketLAN, Click "New" button. You will see a new "Share" folder" is added to PocketLAN share folder list window.
  4. Enter local folder name in "Local" edit box, this name will show under File Explorer "NETWORK" folder after connect. For example, to browse my laptop temp folder, enter "my laptop temp".
  5. Enter remote computer share folder name in "Remote" edit box. To get the share folder name on your local network, click the network browse button "..." to open network browse dialog. If the dialog is empty, click "Refresh" button to scan your local network and get the remote computer names. To scan different subnet, please change "Subnet IP" in Scan Network Dialog.
  6. Click "Connect" button or double click the folder "my laptop temp" in PocketLAN share folder list window to add "my laptop temp" into File Explorer "NETWORK" folder.
  7. Double click or click and hold the folder "my laptop temp" in PocketLAN share folder list window to browse it in File Explorer.