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Manual & FAQ of z2 Remote2PC

·        Download z2 Remote2PC User Manual

·        How do I get the register code and unlock z2 Remote2PC?

z2 Remote2PC Client for Windows PC Free Version and z2 Remote2PC Server totally free. You can freely install, copy and distribute the product. We only charge you by the license of z2 Remote2PC Client.

Please send us the "Product ID" showing on the Register Dialog of z2 R2PC Client and don't forget to include a full copy of the order confirmation email you have received. Following is the screen short of z2 R2PC Client Product ID. 


To avoid any typo of the "Product ID", we recommend you to send out the "Product ID" with z2 R2PC Server Helper program so that we can process your email automatically.  Following is the steps:

On your desktop PC, click Start->Programs->z2 Remote2PC->Start z2 R2PC Server. Then login to z2 R2PC Server Helper, click “Device List”, select the device you want to register and click the “Send register email…” button to send out your registration email (See “Send Register Email” dialog for details). If you can not find your device in the device list, please connect your device with z2 R2PC Client at least once.

·       What's the different between basic free version and advanced paid version?

Please check here.

·        I'm concerned the safety of my kids on Internet. How could z2 Remote2PC help?

z2 Remote2PC can be configured as a great tool to monitor your kids online. It can be set as read only mode and hide in the background. The program can not be terminated without administrator privilege. It also supports Windows Vista Fast User Switch so that every kid's account can be monitored smoothly. The advanced audio feature of z2 Remote2PC can capture the voice of your kid and even talk to them when you see something risky for the kids. You can monitor your kids from the kitchen or even on the road with z2 Remote2PC running on Windows Mobile device.   

·        I need to support my parents' PC remotely. How could z2 Remote2PC help?

z2 Remote2PC is free for basic features. It can be installed on all Windows platform such as Windows Vista Home/Home Premium which Remote Desktop is not available. The advanced feature of z2 Remote2PC includes file transfer and audio capture. It even supports walkie-talkie and duplex talk mode which let you talk to your parents while remote controlling their PC. You can even support your parents on the road with your Windows Mobile Phone.

·        How secure is my connection?

Security is our first priority when building the product. z2 Remote2PC gives you high standard security with mutual authentication, up to 256 bits encryption, device access control , one time session key with key rotating.

With mutual authentication, not only the server authenticates the client, but also the client will challenge the server based on its user name and password.

Support up to 256 bits AES, Serpent and Twofish encryption algorithms. Give you the varieties of ciphers. The channel level encryption encrypts all the data transferred on the network, including your key stroke, the screen display and file transfer.

Device access control can block unauthorized device even it has the user name and password.

·        How to reset user name, password & configuration of z2 R2PC Server/Client?

On your desktop/laptop, right click z2 R2PC Helper taskbar icon and click “Exit” to stop R2PC
server. Then delete all *.ini and *.ini.bak files under folder \program files\z2 Remote2PC.
On your Pocket PC, go to “Options” dialog of z2 R2PC Client and click “Reset” button.

·        Can I transfer files? How?

Yes and it’s easy with our multi-tasking file transfer and clipboard synchronization. You can transfer multiple files simultaneously and start the file transfer as simple as file copy & paste.

(1) How to download file with clipboard:

On the remote view, open the File Explorer and select & copy the files you want to download, click  (Clipboard Download button), and then select the download destination path.

(2) How to upload file with clipboard:

On the mobile device, open the Pocket File Explorer and select & copy the file you want to upload. Go back to the remote view, click  (Clipboard Upload button), then on the remote PC, select the upload destination path.

·        How to capture computer sound only?

       To capture computer sound not from MIC, you need to change audio to one-way mode and set "Stereo Mix" as default audio recording device on server PC.

  1. First, upgrade z2 Remote2PC to v1.4 or above. 

  2. Enable "Stereo Mix" as your default record device on Server PC (Sound card support required). If you have more than one sound card installed on the PC, please set the sound card with "Stereo Mix" as default audio device.

    For Windows Vista, double click the speaker tray icon on the taskbar for Sound option dialog, click "Recording" tab and right click for the pop up menu.


    After Stereo Mix enabled, right click on it and set it as default recording device from the pop up menu.

    For Windows XP, right click the speaker tray icon on the taskbar for the pop menu and select "Adjust Audio Property", click "Audio" tab and press "Volume" button.  Select "Stereo Mix" on Recording Control dialog.


  3. Reconnect z2 R2PC Client to the Server PC

·        My office computer is behind firewall and VPN server is not available. I want to access it from home. Do I have to change the office firewall settings?

No, you don’t have to. You can setup a server callback for this purpose. Please check the FAQ "How to setup server callback for my Pocket PC Phone with GPRS/CDMA connection" for details. Advice your IT manager to make sure it’s not against the company’s policy.

·        I hard reset (cold boot) my device. Do I need to get register code again?

The register code is persistent on your desktop PC and the mobile device.  In most case, the register code can be automatically restored when you reinstall the Remote2PC Client on the same device.

·        I lost control on the remote review when Remote Desktop connected or windows user switched on windows XP.

z2 Remote2PC 1.2 or older doesn’t support windows XP user switching or windows terminal service session.

Please upgrade to z2 Remote2PC 1.3 or later.

·        My home computer is behind internet router. How can I configure the router for my Pocket PC (Phone) to connect the computer through the internet?

You need to enable port forwarding for the Remote2PC server to receive the connection from internet. You can turn on the UPnP on the router and the “Option” page of Remote2PC Server Helper. Or you can manually add port forwarding for the server if the router does not support UPnP.


Turn on UPnP on “Option” page of Remote2PC Helper (Windows XP required)

Create a Dynamic DNS account for your home PC if you don’t have one.

To get a free Dynamic DNS account, you can go to, or

Assuming you had created the Dynamic DNS account and had setup the host name “” for your PC with TCP port “81” as the server listen port. On “Option” page of Remote2PC Server Helper, check “Auto update dynamic” box and click “Edit Dynamic DNS…” button to show “Dynamic DNS Update” dialog.


Enter the user & password, host name and click “Test” to verify it. Then click “Save” to save the settings.


After save the setting, click “Close” to close the dialog and then click “Apply” button to apply all changes. Now login your router configuration web page, follow the steps to turn on UPnP or manually setup port forwarding for the server.
Turn on UPnP on Linksys router

After you login the router, click “Password” -> “UPnP Services” -> “Enable”

Or click “Administration”->”Management”->”UPnP”->”Enable”


Turn on UPnP on Netgear router

Login the router, click “UPnP” on left panel, then check “Turn UPnP On” box and click the “Apply” button.


Turn on UPnP on D-Link router:


Login the router, click “Misc”->”Tools”->”UPNP Settings”->”Enabled”.


Then click “Apply” button to apply the settings.




If your router does not support UPnP or the server is installed on none Windows XP machine, you need to enable port forwarding for the Remote2PC server. Assume you are using default port 81 and your computer IP address is 192.168.x.100

Manually configure port forwarding on Linksys router 

Click “Applications & Gaming” -> “Port Range Forwarding”, enter the port 81 and the IP address, check the “Enabled” box and then click “Save settings”.


If your web page looks like following picture, click “Advanced”

Then click “Forwarding”, enter port “81”, check “Protocol TPC” box, enter the IP address and click “Apply” button.


Manually configure port forwarding on Netgear router

Click “Port Forwarding” on left panel then click “Add Custom Service” button.

Enter port “81” and the IP address, then click “Apply” to apply the settings.


Manually configure port forwarding on D-Link router

Click “Advanced”, enter the IP address and port 81


Now you are ready to use your Pocket PC to remote control the PC through internet. Enter the server host name “”, TCP port “81”, user and password for Remote2PC server, uncheck “Wait for server callback” option then click “Connect”


·        How to setup server callback for my Pocket PC Phone with GPRS/CDMA connection?

First, create a Dynamic DNS account if you don’t have one.

To get a free Dynamic DNS account, you can go to, or

Assuming you had an Dynamic DNS account and had setup the host name “” for your Pocket PC Phone and the client listen port is “82” as default.

On “Callback” page of Remote2PC Server Helper, click “Add”.

Enter the client host name, for example “”. Enter the client listen port “82”.


Check the box to enable callback list checking and click “OK” to save the settings.


On your Pocket PC Phone, Click Start->Programs->z2 R2PC Client. On the “Connect to Remote” dialog, Enter the TCP port “82”, check “Wait for server callback”, “Show advanced options” and “Connect through phone or modem”, then click connect.


On “Wait Server Callback” dialog, click “Update Dynamic DNS…” button.

On “Dynamic DNS Update” dialog, enter your Dynamic DNS account info and click “Update” button. Check the received info for the update status.

Click “Close” button to return to “Wait Server Callback” dialog. Wait until you see the callback server is showing on the list and then click “Connect” button to accept the server callback.

·        How to upgrade R2PC server/client remotely?

To upgrade server, connect to the server and upload the latest version of z2 R2PC installer file "Setupz2R2PC.exe" to the server folder "c:\temp" with R2PC File Transfer. Then on the client remote view, click Start->Run... and type "c:\temp\Setupz2R2PC /S" to install the server in silent mode. Please wait 2~3 minutes for restarting the R2PC server before you reconnect.

To upgrade the client, connect to the server and download the proper client CAB file from z2 R2PC server installed folder. For Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 SE, the CAB file should be “Program files\z2 Remote2PC\Client\CAB\ PPC2003NET42_ARM.CAB”. Then exit the R2PC client, open the downloaded CAB file in Pocket File Explorer to start the installation.


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