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z2 PocketLAN

Scan more and scan faster! The all-in-one network Swiss knife for Windows Mobile!

Share Folder Management

IP Config

Scan IP

Trace Route


Key Features

Manage network share

  • Create local map for network share resource like share folder and printer. 
  • Manage the mapped share in centralized UI. Ease your effort for playing mp3 or movie on the network.
  • Automatic connect/disconnect the network share resource when it is online/offline.
  • Pocket File Explorer plug-in.
  • Plain text print on supported network printer.

Comprehensive network utility

  • Includes IP Config, Ping, Trace Route, Route Table Edit, Port Monitor, Wake on LAN, Whois and more... 
  • Integrated IP Scan including NetBIOS Scan, ARP Scan, DNS Scan and TCP Port Scan.
  • Convenient Report feature generate the report in HTML format. 
  • Redesigned UI to easy access all the features.
  • Quick button to copy & paste the info to clipboard .

Support Pocket PC 2002 and above

  • Support Pocket PC 2002/2003/2003 SE; Windows Mobile 2005; Windows CE.NET 4.2; Windows CE.NET 5.0;


  • Support multiple network interface
  • Auto refresh network status change
  • Greatly improved scan performance and accuracy
  • One year free upgrade

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