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Review for z2 Remote2PC

z2 Remote2PC has been nominated for a 2005 Best Software Award in the "Remote Host Control" category by the Pocket PC magazine staff and the Board of Experts!

Your Desktop, in Pocket - Review from Pocketnow

z2 Remote2PC allows you to view and control your Windows desktop system from your Pocket PC.  Your PPC can be connected via LAN, WLAN, phone (modem), or any Internet connection.  Remote2PC also provides means to emulate double-clicks and right-clicks, upload and download clipboard contents, and send Escape, Return, and CTRL-ALT-DEL key sequences to the remote PC...

User review from PocketGear

5 out of 5 stars 23-May 2005 by Larry H using Dell Axim X50
I just wanted a way to efficently monitor my kids while they were on the PC using wifi and my x50v at home. I'm using the trial version and it works great. I'm sure this program does alot more, but that is much more than I need for the price. I wish there was a scaled down version for basic home use that only cost $10-$12. Any way, I really like how fast the screen updates to the PPC.
5 out of 5 stars 1-Mar 2005 by David Newcomb using Dell Axim X30
Fantastic remote control for your PC! Works very fast, and the zoom and color depth controls make it easy to cope with low-bandwidth situations. Setup is a breeze, and file transfers are as easy as copy & paste. Very well done!

User review from Handango

One Star One Star One Star One Star One Star Excellent piece of software 
A reviewer from UK, April 30, 2005
"I've tried some similar products which were confusing to install and in the end failed to work at all. This is an excellent piece of software, after installing the app, I set up my username/password and I was away. I can view my whole 1280*1024 desktop landscape on my vga pocket pc. Refresh rate is fantastic on my wifi connection. Buy it now."


One Star One Star One Star One Star One Star Great program for my HP hx4705 

Ira B. from Rockville Centre, NY, March 19, 2005
"I tried two other popular Remote PDA to PC program and z2 RemotePC2 has the best resolution, screen refreash rate, file transfer, controls/settings and it seems to be designed to work with the most popular PC OS Windows XP. It works great with my HP hx4705 and my Win XP desktops and laptop. It was exactly what I needed and what I was looking for."


One Star One Star One Star One Star One Star Excellence in remote access 

J. Strydom from Mossel Bay, South Africa, March 5, 2005
"No other product comes close. Been running it on IPAQ HX2750 wireless; and even via bluetooth connection speed is acceptable. Sessions can be encrypted and color depth adjusted to requirements. Extremely stable, and a pleasure to use. Thanks guys"



Review for z2 PocketLAN

User review from PocketGear

5 out of 5 stars 7-May 2004 by Steve H using iPaq 4150
Excellent software. Just what I wanted to play my MP3s over wireless network. Running on trial at the moment but will definetly buy after 10 days. Brilliant!!!!
5 out of 5 stars 17-Nov 2003 by Blair Dent using Other
This package deserves more than 5 stars. Revised from previous, MP3 tracks now playing from my LAN PC, cool. Thks for great support.
5 out of 5 stars 17-Nov 2003 by Blair Dent using Other
Wow, great application. Pretty straight forward set up. Using an XDA 2 on O2 in the UK, Windows Mobile 2003, with Sandisk SDIO WiFi. No problems connecting to my home network, can view, and transfer files, even create folders and move files onto my PC from my PDA. The only thing I have not been able to do, which is the only negative for me is being able to play MP3 tracks from the LAN. They show in File Explorer ok, and I can copy and paste etc. but they wont play ? Still great product none the less.
5 out of 5 stars 3-Jun 2003 by Thomas Patrick using Dell Axim X5
5 Stars here !!! This is a great little app. No problems what so ever on my Dell Axim w/ Dell CF Wireless 802.11 Card. We need more great apps like this one for Pocket PC.

User review from Handango

One Star One Star One Star One Star One Star Indispensable 
A reviewer from Grand Forks, North Dakota, March 7, 2005
"Couldn't live without it. Use it to pull files off a Windows 2003 server. Works great."

One Star One Star One Star One Star One Star PocketLan a must have for all network techs 

Jeff Kimble, MCSE, A+ from Newport News, VA, December 15, 2004
"I purchased PocketLan to trouble shoot my network, it was prefect tool to help me trouble shoot network and mapping issues, also it helps me with router issues, a MUST HAVE for all POcket PPC that want to browse the network!"


One Star One Star One Star One Star One Star Does exactly what it promises to do. 

MichaelD from Melbourne, Australia, February 6, 2004
"I had a simple idea - to use a Pocket PC as a media player, with the files kept on a desktop PC acting as a server. Sounds easy enough? Well, it isn't. Firstly, there was the grief of configuring my new iPAQ 4150 to access my Wireless LAN. That particular Everest was conquered. I could see the shared files via File Explorer by manually entering the path to the server and the files. Sadly, Windows Media Player stubbornly was not interested in finding media files anywhere but on the Pocket PC. I tried many, many solutions; alternative media players on the Pocket PC, streaming audio from the server, File Explorer replacements. All attempts were unsuccessful...until I found PocketLAN.

It adds Network functionality to the Pocket PC that really should be built into the operating system, but isn't. Installation was essentially straightforward, albeit quite tricky compared to other Pocket PC programmes. Nonetheless, the instructions are clear and accurate as to the steps required. I had one glitch during installation - after the required soft reset of my Pocket PC, I lost network connectivity until I realized that the wireless LAN had turned itself off when I reset the device.

In use, the program is truly excellent. It does exactly what it promises to do - makes network shared files available to the Pocket PC - and it does it well and efficiently. I'm over the moon with this application and highly recommend it as THE solution for anyone that wants to access files on a server rather than having to copy them to their Pocket PC every time they want to use them. I'm using it at present to access a large media library on my server and also to access digital photos - the iPAQ makes a great digital audio player and a great picture viewer. The enhanced functionality of simple and straightforward network access is truly a pleasure."



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